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It is our firm belief that we are at the crossroads of a massive revolution and like any other revolution of the 21st century, it is going to be a technological revolution that will literally change the way we live our lives. The age-old 'can't ignore' quote can be very well used to introduce it. "You may love it or you may hate it, but you can never ignore Blockchain." Blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology is not a new concept. In fact, it has been knocking on our doors for the entirety of the last decade. Now, it seems that we are finally ready to open the door and embrace it.

You must be living under a rock if you do not know anything about Bitcoin or any other blockchain-based cryptoasset. Even after knowing a lot about it, we still do not know it. That is because various states around the world are either skeptical or have not defined the legal status of Cryptoassets. Is it an asset or a currency or a stock? Be it the Reserve Bank of India's blanket ban on Cryptocurrencies or the SEC's predatory proceedings against Ripple XRP, the government bodies around the world have not taken it well. The state of uncertainty has created an environment of fear and anxiety amongst both the investors and the potential investors.

We recognized the seriousness of the underlying issue and deliberated on the ways we could act as a catalyst. Hence, blockchain in-focus came into being. Blockchain in-focus does not focus on trading. Our focus is on the regulatory framework of the blockchain world.


In this age of the post-truth era, it is crucial that you receive the right information. We strive to do so through our dedicated team of experts. We offer a range of services including (but not limited to):-



We provide counsel to our clients by assisting them in their legal due diligence on blockchain transactions in the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Singapore, and the USA. At Blockchain in-focus, we work with suppliers and customers of blockchain technologies and cryptoassets and advise on issues such as technology contracts, open-source software exploitation, disputes, and ICOs. We're really excited about the future of blockchain and how we can help clients apply its potential to change their industry for the better.


Crypto-fraud is real. Tons of people get duped of their hard earned money on a daily basis. In a bid to get quick gains, people get swayed by these eye-pleasing deals. The lack of a genuine knowledge disseminating forum is one of the reasons why people fall prey to such misinformation. That spurred us to create Blockchain in-focus. We aim to create a knowledge database that will be free for everyone. We provide information from genuine sources, which will be clearly cited in our knowledge-base.


We have created this platform not just for the uninitiated, but also for the professionals, who have made their name in this field. Being an in-Focus Network member, you will be exposed to various networking opportunities which will help you in upscaling your career. It will be an invitation only group. Each member will get one invite to add another member. The in-focus Network will be operational from January 2022. Get ready for an events filled 2022!

We are an ever growing team. If you feel that you deserve to be a part of B I-F, write to us at with a comprehensive resume (not CV) detailing your qualifications, experience, contact number as well as availability. Also, attach a Statement of Purpose of not more than 1 page. Kindly specify "Volunteer Application" in the subject line of the email.

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