Our team is committed to keeping your Blockchain-related transactions under check through its long-range of consultation services. Our ever-growing team of experts is highly experienced in dealing with similar cases. Our consultation services includes (but not limited to):-


The whitepaper performs the dual functions of providing technical information while also acting as a marketing document. It is used in the technological sector to provide technical information of the product to potential customers and to outlay as to how the concerned product provides a solution to an existing problem.

There is no prescribed legal format that a Whitepaper needs to comply with, but it generally follows a structured pattern. It is advisable that the whitepaper be impeccably drafted so as to leave no room for ambiguity and to avoid unnecessary lawsuits. Our team of experts is well experienced in drafting and vetting legal documents. More than 45 organizations have trusted our services. 

Many current blockchain technology applications appear at least ambiguous from a privacy compliance perspective. Processing personal data directly on a public blockchain may, in the absence of clear regulatory guidance, involve significant business risks. We ensure that the personal data of our clients is minimally risked.

We also strongly urge the states to implement appropriate regulations so that the privacy issues of the stakeholders is secured.

Given the accountability, security, transparency, and immutable nature of Blockchain, it can have a significant impact in the field of Intellectual property. However, since Blockchain is still in the stage of its technological development, we could potentially see many more evolved applications of Blockchain for intellectual property, in the near future.

Blockchain and related distributed ledger technology offer obvious possibilities for IP protection and registration and as evidence, either at the registry stage or in court. It also promises a cost-effective way to speed up such processes. We provide our services by:-


  • Registering and clearing IP rights

  • Controlling and tracking the distribution of (un)registered IP

  • Evidence of creatorship and provenance authentication.

  • Digital rights management (e.g., online music sites); establishing and enforcing IP agreements, licenses, or exclusive distribution networks through smart contracts.

The integration of blockchain technology has also raised the issue of jurisdiction where any transaction is under dispute, considering that the process of validation may be done by a node/miner in a different jurisdiction. Location of the nodes/miners or the subject matter of transactions may be crucial in determining the jurisdiction of the court to adjudicate over a blockchain dispute and the enforceability of the judgment so passed. In the alternative, decentralised dispute resolution forum such as Kleros and Codelegit may be resorted to.

Our team of experts is well equipped to provide their inputs and avert any jurisdictional ambiguity that the client may face in the future.




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